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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Here's to you!...

This post is dedicated to you, the reader, and the stories, thoughts, ideas, memories, wisdom, passion and energy that dwells within you. We live in the information age and it’s time that you make your mark on it.  Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a published author.

Leave your legacy. Write your book!

It's Wrong Not to Write!

What’s your story? We’ve all got a story to tell. Our lives are stories and every day is a new chapter.

Do you hold knowledge that can produce positive change? Have you overcome a challenge or problem and now possess the solution? How could your story help the world?

Imagine how becoming a published author could impact your business, career and credibility.

Maybe you want to pass on family history to future generations – or just entertain readers with a riveting novel.

Whatever your story is – leave your legacy - in a book.

I’m Sean Donovan and I’ve experienced first-hand that sense of accomplishment that comes along with the title ‘published author’, (and) for me I’ve found an even greater sense of pride in helping people just like you tell their stories.

Thanks to new technologies, there’s never been a better time than now to write and publish a book. In fact, it’s probably quicker, easier and more economical than you think.

My latest book “THE BOOKBOOK – A Recipe for Writing and Publishing Your Book” reveals simple step by step strategies to help you navigate the journey and share your message. Order your copy here.

Get started now! I'm here to help you through the entire process. Visit for more info on how we can collaborate. 

I’ll see you on the bookshelf!