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Friday, August 26, 2016

Take Advantage of Technology

You don’t have to go back too far in time to a time when publishing and printing a book was made tremendously easier by typewriters, typeset printers and printing presses. However, these media outlets and communication centers were often controlled by the select few or governed by censor laws of the king, government or religion.

If you wrote about the right things, you may find yourself hard-pressed to find a publisher; if you wrote about the wrong things, you may find yourself imprisoned – or worse.

Enter technology. The advent of devices such as the computer, the mobile phone, digital recorder, video camera, and the internet - coupled with programs and applications such as Word, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube - plus the World Wide Web has made the world seem much smaller.

If you live in a free democracy such as the United States of America, you enjoy limitless freedom of speech which can be broadcast through any number of mediums of your choosing.

Google makes information easily and readily available at the speed of light – for free. Editors, publishers, coaches, consultants and other writing experts are also easily found and readily available to help you in your quest to convey your wisdom through the written word.

Now it’s easier than ever before in the history of mankind to transfer your thoughts into the written word or recorded medium and share them with the world. Take advantage of technology and use it to make your contribution to the information age.

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