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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Write Before You Speak

Have you ever spoken before thinking – only to put your foot in your mouth later? Or have you blurted out something in anger, frustration or the heat of passion that you wish you could have taken back right away? We think it’s safe to assume that most of us are guilty at least once in our lives.

When we communicate through writing, we flex our evolutionary muscles as we create thoughtful communication. Writing funnels all of our sensory perceptions into a series of meaningful, duplicable, and transferrable text that others can easily read, share and interpret based on their own beliefs and rationale. The author has the opportunity to think before he writes, then re-read, revise, edit or delete his work before sharing it with anyone. This is quite contrary to the irate driver who honks their horn and then screams out the window to the driver that cut him off in traffic – only to find out at the next stoplight that it’s their boss.

Open mouth, insert foot. Open book, insert thought.

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