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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Writing Evolution

The human race is separated from the millions of other animal life forms on this planet by many different characteristics; some are physical, more are intellectual. One of these intellectual characteristics is our ability to reason and rationalize. When we speak before thinking, we are not using our ability to reason and obviously not using our brain-mouth connection to its best capacity.

Many animals communicate through sound – such as a barking dog, a chirping bird or a roaring lion. Other animals communicate with scent and smell from the release of pheromones or other chemical communicators. Still other animals communicate through sight – evident by the colorful feathers of a peacock, the elaborate movement of ant colonies, or the fanned-out hood of an erect King Cobra who is ready to strike.

My point is that countless methods of communication are evident in nature, but show me a species other than human that is capable of sitting down with a pen and paper or laptop and creating a literary masterpiece – a poem, a novel or a historical account.

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